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Natural Liquid SoAP
Made out of nothing but plants, water, and salt.

Vegetable oils, Essential oils, Pure Water and Salts.
The Oils are reacted with Spring Water and Scientific grade pure hydroxide.

Real Soap is not the same as detergents. It has no sulfates, artificial fragrances or added chemicals.
Why Wash Your Junk in a Bunch of Chemicals?
Used for everything that soap is good for, but most especially good for washing human skin.
You probably have some skin that would feel good if it was getting covered with our natural oil based liquid soap scented with true essential oils that allow you to feel and know and be at one with the plants and water of this Earth like you may have never before. It can be an almost spiritual act of cleansing your body and mind in such purity that you would question why anyone would want to do it any other way.

(Maybe when you start making awesome liquid soap it makes you want to shout praise to the whole world for cleaning itself up. But how much of that can get put on one label? Then, all of the words start to make since, and all you can do is appreciate the great men that have tried to offer the world the product it needs to help keep its water, its land and its people clean, the way they deserve to be. )